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An ecological gem

Gorongosa National Park is one of Africa’s last great wild places. Stretching across a million acres of Africa’s Great Rift Valley it has been famously said of Gorongosa that “in one day you can find shades of the Congo, the Mara, the Okavango and the Mountains of the Moon”. Its vast size, varied topography, nutrient-rich soils, and copious rainfall nurture an unparalleled abundance of wildlife and biodiversity. On a rapidly degrading planet, Gorongosa is a beacon of hope.

Wildlife Rangers:
Conservation Heroes

At the forefront of our conservation efforts are the dedicated men and women of our Department of Conservation. Comprising over 300 passionate Mozambicans, they employ a multifaceted approach encompassing law enforcement, wildlife management, reintroductions, conservation technology, and human-wildlife coexistence.

Healing Ecosystems:
Wildlife Veterinary

Gorongosa’s Wildlife Management team is dedicated to preserving ecosystems and empowering Mozambicans in conservation leadership. Operating the first full-time wildlife veterinary unit in a Mozambican National Park we take a holistic approach, addressing human-wildlife conflict and safeguarding wildlife with cutting-edge techniques, including wildlife forensics. Through our “One Health” vision, we ensure the well-being of both wildlife and people, promoting coexistence and long-term ecosystem functioning.

Human-Wildlife Coexistence:
Hope for the Future

We partner with local communities to safeguard our unfenced landscape. Through conservation efforts, we prioritize ecosystem integrity within the Park and human-wildlife coexistence outside it – implementing strategies to mitigate conflicts and foster understanding among communities. Utilizing innovative methods like beehive fences and predator-proof bomas, we engage in dialogue and partnership-building to ensure harmony between wildlife and people. The most vulnerable within our buffer-zone communities – such as women, widows and the elderly – are selected as primary recipients for measures such as elephant-proof silos for food storage.

REturning the predators:
big cats and wild dogs

Led by Mozambican veterinarians Dr. Antonio Paulo and Dr. Mércia Angela, our specialized team focuses on the protection and recovery of critical mammalian predators. Since 2012, we’ve pioneered conservation projects, reintroducing keystone species like wild dog, lion and leopard. Collaborating with external partners, we’ve established long-term monitoring systems and expanded conservation efforts beyond the Park’s boundaries, creating wildlife corridors to support species survival and reclaim habitat. The impacts of these efforts have been remarkable: iconic species like lion and wild dog have rebounded to several hundred individuals. Come and see them for yourself!

Saving Pangolins:
Mozambique's first Rescue Program

Since its establishment in 2018, our pangolin rescue program has been instrumental in addressing the plight of these endangered creatures. Over the years, we’ve rescued more than 100 pangolins from the clutches of illegal traffickers. Each rescued pangolin undergoes meticulous post-trauma treatment and rehabilitation by our skilled veterinarians and keepers before being released into secure locations to thrive in the wild. With our unwavering commitment and the aid of 24/7 ranger surveillance and satellite technology, we ensure their successful transition back to their natural habitat, contributing to the global conservation of these remarkable but threatened animals.

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Gorongosa National Park is a testament to the power of nature’s resilience in the face of adversity. A beacon of light in the darkness.

Guests arriving in Beira or Chimoio after 2 pm stay overnight and travel to Gorongosa National Park the next day.

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