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Embark on a unique birding adventure from the Mt. Gorongosa Fly Camp. This sleepout experience brings you to the mystical Mt. Gorongosa, where an exceptional assortment of birdlife awaits. As expert guides set up camp at sunset, immerse yourself in the tranquil mountain sounds, anticipating the exhilarating dawn birding experience. Wake up to the chorus of mountain birdsong and set off on a guided hike through weaving mountain trails, teeming with life. Encounter rare “lifers” and avian gems like the Green-headed Oriole, as well as examples of the mountain’s remarkable endemic biodiversity – such as the Mt. Gorongosa pygmy chameleon. Whether you’re a seasoned birder or new nature enthusiast, the Fly Camp promises an unforgettable journey into this magical rainforest. Join us for an unmissable dawn chorus and discover why Gorongosa is truly “For the Birds.”

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with Gorongosa Safaris

Guests arriving in Beira or Chimoio after 2 pm stay overnight and travel to Gorongosa National Park the next day.

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